Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It Happened One Night

Here's a different version of a onenight stand....Was going around the old way to see and check up on mom, like I did every thursday afterwork. As I'm lookin for seat on the bus, some one comes over and says hi, so I say hi back, she then begins tells me my name, where I used to live and who I used hang with...At this point I'm now scrambling to figure out who this is, and how the hell does she knows my history?...I tried to play it off, and go along, tryin to catch some kind of hint of who she is or was. So we engaged in conversation, but she gave NO clues, hints or anything that might help me. Then two stops before mine she jumps off the bus, sayin only I'll see u later...DAMN!! she left me scratching my head, with my mind racing, workin overtime to figure out, who the hell this was. Two weeks went pass without seeing her. And then like before, out of thin air she appeared on the bus, asking me did I figure it out? Like she was toying with me for her amusement, which to me wasn't funny at all, but like a poker player, I was all in. I asked every question imageable, like a tv reporter, but got nowhere. Finally she said lets have lunch & talk, I jumped at the chance. But due to our schedules, lunch turned into dinner at my place with her cooking. It was a friday evening, I remember it well, she arrived about 6ish, and went straight to the kitchen to start cooking.  While the food was cooking, she finally opened up and told me, who she was. See back in the day, when we were teenagers sum one we know, played a dirty trick on her and took advantage of her, because she overweight and wasn't fly. And the reason why, she even spoke to me on the bus, was because, as she told me. I once stood up and fought for her. I thought to myself WOW, it is true 1 person can make a difference. Now as we ate, we caught up on each others lives and before we knew it, we were in my bedroom, now you know what went down sooooo there's no need to explain....Now as night turned into morning, and the sun began coming thru my window. I woke up to notice...she was gone, back into thin air just like she came....I looked for a note, a number, sumthing, but she left nuthing and there was no sign or trace of her....Man for a minute, I started to feel like Eddie Murphy's character in Boomerang, as I sat at the edge of the bed, wondering WHAT THA F#@%!!!  Soooooo ladies at times, it's not just YOU. Men go thru "some" of the same things, they just won't admit them in public.....Imjussayin. Because it happened onenight.....             

Monday, November 28, 2011


...Basketball is back. Yea I'm soooo excited, can't you tell. No really I am *wink wink*. And N.B.A.stands for, I will Not Be Around. Yes that right, I will Not Be Around anymore. Because the ticket price$ are just plain ridiculous nowadays. It's soooo bad, that their actually pricing out the average fan. I'm a knicks fan, and would love to see a game,once in a while, but the ticket price$ at the garden ,OMG are you serious???...And all that $$$ to watch a bunch of overpayed,overhyped and underappreciative athletes, not all of them mind you. But Im jus sayin. This lockout shows,well at least me a few things; 1) sports now is NOTHIN more than a business  (if we didn't know this already) 2) NO ONE cares about the fan anymore NO ONE. 3)David Stern might just be the BIGGEST JERK in sports today,this man has had two lockouts under his watch. And right when his sport was at the height of popularity,who let's that happen???  4)This was ALL ABOUT MONEY. The owners wanting more of it and the players demanding a fair share of that more. Now they say that school is a microcosm of society, it is. But this lockout will go down as a microcosm of todays society. David versus Goliath, management versus union, the 1%  versus the 99%. You name it, and it was in this lockout. Now I'm not blaming or faulting the players for getting their fair share, I'm all for that, especially being in a union. But this lockout made everyone look greedy in a time where, being greedy is not exactly smiled upon. This isn't the 80s anymore and the Gordon Gekko type talk is seriously frowned upon, well unless your the 1% (the same ASSHOLES,who'd rather let the country burn/suffer than pay their fair share WOW)  I actually started getting use too basketball not being around. College basketball just started, the NFL is in full swing, I still messing around with my new hobby .(I'm still not a Writer though lol)  And plus I could cut my cable off or downgrade sum channels till about april, when baseball and my Yankees season starts up again. Imjussayin I just might have to N.B.A this season and n.b.a. basketball period.....         

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Soooooo Sagged out

Yeeeess I am,sooooo sagged out. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Ok I'm gonna speak on this and then leave it alone, its just plain annoying . Now we all know that every generation, has had their thing that drove their parents crazy,like with us, it was the phat laces on our sneakers that we didn't tie up. But that wasn't shit compare to this saggin shit. I mean WHO or WHAT started this trend anyway and WHO THA FUCK co-signed on and said "yeah this seems like a banging ass idea son" I'm rock my shit like this son" REALLY son? And why oh why do brothers always feel the need to wanna identify with "JAIL" so much?
Because that where this saggin and white t-shirts come from. Yes if you didn't know, their both from jail...The sag, because that's what your pant do when you don't wear a belt, they will naturally sag,but this WAAAAYYYY below your ass shit,showing everyone your underwear and ass shit, NO SON its got to STOP. Now that you know where it came from,now the lesson can begin.  Lesson 1, alot of these kids walking with their pants waaaaayyy down,either DON'T KNOW or really DON'T CARE that the real sign of how low your pants are, is HOW MUCH OF A BITCH YOU ARE IN JAIL....YES! THATS RIGHT, A BITCH and WHO YOU BELONG TOO,WHO OWNS YOU!!!  Soooooo BASICALLY YOUR OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS. I betcha, y'all dont even know it!!! And  I got this straight from sum dudes, I know that just recently "came home" you know what I'm sayin. And if you did or do know this, WHY ARE YOU STILL WEARING YOUR PANTS SHOWING YOUR ASS???   And whats even sadder is,these most of these kids are walking around with NO clue the real message their sending out....So your actually defeating yourself, before you even start. Who really wants to hire you? Who's even taking you serious? when you look like a perp...I also have another question,well two,1st why do these kids ALL wanna follow each other?  2nd what happened to the days of individuality?  These kids nowadays are copy and paste,which is just sad...They swear they know everything,you can't talk to them. And whats even scarier is, this is the generation, we'll have to depend on, to take care of us,make decisions for us,feed us and God forbid lead us into the next century....OMFG what a scary ass thought. Because we can't trust them to pull up their pants, and that a simple decision....In times like these,we're always looking for someone or thing to blame,but with this, this is clearly our fault, we have clearly let down and turned our backs on a whole generation. And if you dont wanna hear it or don't believe me. Just think all of the times you were sooooo wrapped up in your own problems,drama and issues and didn't pay attention to lil Rahiem or didn't let his daddy see him or even, let his dad or the new man in your life, handle him early before it got to this point? And how can sum of us make babies,and completely forget about them,like it never even happened. Now you know and see, how we failed a whole generation. OK ok now I know I when left with this one,but after the talk I had with my man Jazz,bout this and being real. I felt compelled to bring it to YOU and let you decide.....Imjussayin               

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just like music

Have ever stop to think what would the world be like without music?  Im jus sayin, think about it for minute. Then put down your ipod or mp3 player,turn down your boombox,home stereo or car radio and see what you have?  You would just have the natural sounds and noises around you. Now would you enjoy that or would you go and turn back up your listening device? Hmmm crazy thought huh?    But music is life. And if you ever stop to think about it, there's literally a song out there that describes almost everything,we do or say.  Play this game, next time your listening to music, an sum old songs comes on, try to picture where you were,what u were doing etc? Now did those songs take you back,give you happy memories,sad ones? Put you in good or bad mood? What.did it do for you. It just seems that music always put us in a mood, or in a place whether happy, sad or angry.  Like everytime I hear Patrice Rushen's Forget Me Nots, I immediately think of my 8th grade class and our graduation. Music can be like a good pair of shoes or an old friend,that has always been there with you thru thick & thin. As you see I love music, well most genres of it anyway. Because it hypes me up,calms me down and generally sets a mood for whatever I'm doing or thinking.  At a young age I was able to appreciate most genres of music, because in my house I heard some of them. Like grandma played religious music,my uncle played and loved jazz,my mom and aunt played r & b,a another aunt played calypso and my brother was a d.j.so as you see music was always a part of my life. And hopefully its been a good part of yours.....So to everyone in the music industry keep making good music and RIP to all those no longer with us, but let their music live on in your hearts,minds and on our ipods,mp3 players,computers and home stereos......Imjussayin just like music    

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Death Of "Da GOOD GUY"

Disclaimer....the following blog was writing by Roy"Real Talk"Clarke, and was approved & encouraged by ME!!! Hope you enjoy it,and as always please feel free to leave comments at the end...Imjussayin
 Hey, how you doing out there? This is Roy" Real Talk"Clarke. I come to you today to talk about the death of a good friend of mine " Da Good Guy" he was real close to me and it is hard to say, but ladies u killed him. Now I know what u are saying, how did we kill him? These days every woman I know is looking for a good guy. Little do they know they're all around them. Women just don't see them. Ladies lets think back to your teens or high school years. You had a guy friend, he didn't dress nice or have alot of swag but he listened. He also cared enuff to bring you soup when u where sick. Now think about your boyfriend at the same time, he was cool, had all the girls on him. He even had good hair. But he never told you "you look nice today" or called you when you were sick. He even cheated on you every chance he got, but you were together for 4 years. Until he went off to college and got a new boo. Now lets jump ahead to your 20's. You got a cool job at the bank,you and your girls go to the club once and a while and your still looking for "Da Good Guy". You have a guy friend who is cool and you know he likes you but you don't think of him in that way. You tell him all the time that the women he gets with isn't shit, cause he does all these nice things for them and they just use him. But when he tells you the same thing you say "NO Ricky really cares about me he is just going thought somethings right now and I have to stand by him". Ricky is a dude you met at the club one night. You got him a drink and took him home to his mothers house. Ricky also has two kids and two baby mama's who can't stand him. But you know what, you love Ricky. While your dating Ricky, your guy friend gets married and moves south with a woman who sees "Da Good Guy" that he is. Ladies does this story sounding familiar. Sorry to have to go hard at you, but they call me"Real Talk"for a reason. Here you are in your 30's ladies, you have started going to church and you have finlly found who you are, but now you can't find "Da Good Guy" anywhere. Once again I must say ladies you killed him!!! He has let "Da Good Guy" in him die and let "Da Bad Guy" be born. So R.I.P to "Da Good Guy" and long live "Da Bad Guy". Part 2 coming soon. I didn't say you would like it. I Just gave you Real Talk....We're (Roy"Real Talk" Clarke & me Kevin"Imjussayin"Clarke)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fingers In My Cake

 Holding court one night with few friends drinking, talking shit. When the questions started why men do this,why dont they that, and the number 1 question women always ask...Why why why do men cheat? Then one of my friend's girlfriend asked this question ;why does a man drop a woman if she's cheatin on him?  I thought for a minute....and came up with this. I called it "fingers in my cake" Here's how it goes; you take your favorite cake ,say junior's cheese cake, chocolate cake, strawberry short cake or Cakeman Raven red velvet cake. Now you purchased that cake and bought it home, you take a slice of cake, and put it in the fridge, so now anytime you want it you can stick your fingers into that cake. Now the next two night you take a slice. Now two weeks go by you dont want any cake. Then one night you come home take your cake out to eat and you notice "fingers in your cake"and their not yours, now what would you do? Most of us would throw that cake away because someone else stuck their "fingers in your cake" you don't want that cake anymore . I said this is the reason that I see why guys will kick a women to the curb, because someone else has been were they've been ,and men can't stand that!!!  There was silent in the room for a few minutes, then I asked them if they understood what...... Imjussaying.                            

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ms Understanding

It was one of those nights didn't even wanna go out, just wanted to stay home and chill, catch up on sum things but my boys begged said its been a while so against my better judgement I went. Now at the lounge laughing, joking, chopping it up w each other. I walked to bar to get a drink...and thats when I bumped into her Ms Understanding....I said"excuse me Ms" Im sorry, she smiled, that smile light up the whole room. While standing there in front of her, I glanced down to noticed DAMN she was the right height and weight with 3heels on, jeans fittin just so right Mmmm, before I even knew it we were havin that love & life talk, we got soooo DEEP into it....we forgot we had friends with us. So I asked if her friends wanted to join my dudes, but she said her gurls wanted to leave"typical". So we exchanged numbers and facebook info. We both agreed to get together later on that week and said good night. Before long we were together alot, meetin and hanging with each others friends and family,having our share of private jokes,cute nicknames and secret code words (don't ask) startin thinkin DAMN is this the one? The one who could finally settle me down. Was Ms Understanding the woman to bring stability into my life? DAMN layin next to her had me having visions of jumpin the broom on white sanded beaches....But jus than sumthing snapped, sumthing happened. For some reasons Ms Understanding didn't understand anymore. Texts and phone calls came less and less frequently... was this really happening between Ms Understanding and I?  Then I started hearing that she was hanging hard again with her girlfriends,being seen up in sum young dude face. DAMN say it isnt sooooo, how can my dream turn into a nightmare? Where did I go wrong? Was I too laid back? Or too up under her?  WHY did I have all this questions but no answers? Was SHE really Ms right or  just Ms right now? .......Or was she just another Ms UNDERSTANDING....Im jus sayin...     

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Now when I was a little kid my mom would tuck me in and say"good night sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite"I used to ask what does that mean, BOY do I know now. Yo WTF has happened. I've lived here all my live in different neighborhoods around everybody and never heard or seen anything like this. Now we always saw roaches but bed bugs HELL NO. So this leads me to believe its"them"who have bought these things along with"them"as"they've"moved back into brooklyn(which for sooooo long"they"had shunned because it had become too"urban") So one day I was havin a debate with an inteligent sista, I said its their fault they the ones bringing these things here,she said no its because of what we're importing...ok thats a reasonable argument but COME ON SON we've been importing stuff for years and never had THIS!!! Like my aunt used to said"they NAAAASSTY JUST PLAIN NASTY" ..This has gotta sum people  I know so shook their standing up on buses and trains,and they won't even go to the movies because we've heard few movie theatres as well as a few very popular stores like;victoria secret,abercrombie & fitch and hollister were closed to be exterminated..now you know who shops there right???  So you tell me whos to blame.....as I say good night sleep tight dont let the...Imjussayin