Sunday, January 29, 2012

Car Shopping

Ok currently in the market for a new car. I'm getting a little tired of not having transportation on a friday, saturday night and it's getting cold. Now it's been a minute since I had one, I returned my last one, it was a good car, great body, but it had high mileage, very dependable though and not much wear and tear, but it was a lease with no option to buy. But it just seems like, most of the cars I've had were just leases, nuthin that a really wanted to own. Wait I can't say that, there was one car I had, OMG I loved that car, very low mileage, still had that new car smell, very dependable, only had 1 owner before me, so it hadn't been broken in yet. Man the minute I got the car, I put lojack on it, wasn't taking NO chances ...NO ONE was stealing my car. But I messed around one night drinking and driving, crashed and totaled it, man at times, I really miss that car. But that's the past and we're not suppose to dwell on the past. So one day I walked into a new car dealship, and what I hate about these places are, the salespeople, are either to pushy, stuck up or just not listening to YOUR needs and the kind of car you really want, they're just trying to get you to buy anything, sooooo they can make their commission.  And also with most of these "new"cars, they already have recalls or get horrible gas mileage, and not very dependable, especially the american cars, their nothing like an older model. Used cars and used car dealers are NO better neither, they always tried to get you to look at and purchase, an SUV or minivan, because they're sooooooo many of them on their lot. Now I know, I'm not a minivan, fanny pack kinda guy, soooooo minivans are OUT, no matter how pushy the sales person is. I'm more of a sports couple/sedan kinda guy, and that's what I'm currently in the market for. But DAMN, I'm having the hardest fucking time in finding the make, model and year that I REALLY WANT..... Imjussayin, I'm a very wise, experienced shopper, whos' had good cars before. I've had american, foreign, imports and an suv. I know how to drive and how to take car of a car. Ok sooooo I've had a one or two accidents,  nuthin major. Hasn't everyone, had at least one accident?  Soooooo WHY OH WHY do I keep leasing these used up cars??? And GODDAMN have you read some of these "carfax" reports, Man it scares you completely from purchasing.  Like for example; some have been rear ended, head on collisions with engine and major body damage, others have major defects or recalls. What the Hell going on here, that I can't find the car I WANT. And those online car sites, ain't no help at all, they post pretty pictures on their site, but when you go to see it and hopefully test drive it, it's never like the the picture you saw and the carfax never matching the car in front of you. Got me shaking my damn head, sooooo what's a car shopper to do???  Go another winter without a car?....Or pick up just anything, too get me thru the winter, till I find the car of my dreams or one dependable enough that I'd want to buy..........         

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Men Ain't Shit"

Men ain't shit, she screamed like no one could hear her BIG ASS mouth and not only did she scream it once, but three fucking times!!! And what made it worst was she was with a man (probably a lame with NO BALLS) but I digress....but there's NO WAY a woman I'm with, even said it once sitting next to me... NOT Having it. With that said, usually I don't even give chickenhead, hoodrat behavior a second thought, but lately. I've been getting a little ticked. But WHY, is it because I'm maturing or maybe because I see the gap or the divide between black men and women..... That's getting wider than the hole in the ozone layer or the grand canyon. Also maybe what I see is the bullshit in these statements, because most of you women bring all this drama, issues and ain't shit men to yourselves. HELL I swear half of y'all couldn't survive without this shit (drama, issues and no good men) in your lives. Like Kat Williams said and I quote "if you keep saying men ain't shit, then YOU ain't shit because you keep choicing no good n!%@s" Now ain't that MUTHAFUCKIN TRUTH!!! Now not all are to blame for their lot in life, sum just followed their mother's blueprint, sum have been molested, soooo that destroys alot in you and if you don't get help or ever address that issue, it can and will manifest later on in your life and may/will destroy a relationship or have you chosing fuck up relationships. Here's one thing I really need sum sistas to explain to me, like I'm a ten year old. What's up with sistas and their girlfriends???  Please I need to understand this one? Because when I was little, I once heard my cousin say to her homegurl at the time, gurl "let no penis come between us"...granted that was well over twenty five years ago, today shhhiiittt that same rule doesn't apply. HELL do y'all even know that rule???  Now wait I'm not getting at all, just enough....because sum of the shit, I've exprienced and seen with my own eyes WHOA!! Soooo I'm asking what's good, I know there's a man shortage, but to shit on your homegurl WOW  But wait it gets better, these be the same chicks that tell you "nah gurl he ain't shit" you know he don't even take care of six kids"...or any other shit they say, straight hating cause they ain't got NO MAN or propects, because you know WHAT, misery loves company....Imjussayin.  Sooooo how can you still make a blanket statement and scream "men ain't shit"check yourself first, before you scream anything anywhere...And what's even MORE FUCKED UP is what dudes I know and roll with are saying bout sum of you sistas....AND I'm giving y'all a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!....Sum of these brothas are seriously looking at the other persuasion and these are stone cold brothas, who DON'T date outside of their race and wouldn't even be thinking this way unless it's really ugly out there between brothas and the sistas. Something is gonna have to give people, and soon because we can't and won't survive as a race, if we don't find sum common ground somewhere....Sooooo you still think "Men Ain't Shit or have YOU even looked at your own SHIT!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Do you know me?

Do you know me... I mean really know me, or just think you do? I know sum think they do. But do you, do you know what makes me tick, what makes me flip out, am I wild, kool or what? Am I a gentleman or an asshole. Am I a good guy playing bad or a bad boy playing good. What's my favorite food, drink or snack. What's my favorite movies, tv shows or type or genre of music even.  Do you know why I "write"what I do and does what I "write", make you look at me any differently? Or do you just brush it off like, he's stupid. Am I crazy or just crazy as a fox. Do you know me? And what do you know about me? So what do you think you know about me? Have you ever had a twenty minute or more, conversation with me?   But before you even, answer any of these questions, about me or anyone else.... Do you first, know about your own self?  Because remember, you must first know thyself (yourself) before you think or claim to know others. And do you know why your all in my business?  Imjussayin.... Now have you ever asked any of these question to yourself? I mean, wake up in the morning or just before you went to bed, and looked at yourself in the mirror. I mean really looked deeply at yourself, and ask similiar questions to yourself, or are you SCARED???  Would the truth scare you? Or do you ever know the truth about yourself? What do you know about yourself? Or are you soooo busy, asking and answering other peoples questions?  Sooooo here's a piece of advice, and it's free, start asking yourself sum questions, and trust me it'll help you in the looooonnngg run, because once you know who YOU ARE, hopefully you wouldn't want to be, in someone else's shoes, situation or business .......Sooooo I ask you again, do you know me? or should I ask,  DO YOU KNOW YOU!!!!??