Monday, September 10, 2012

The Busines of Politics. The Politics of Business

Yes the business of politics and the politics of business, because both go hand in hand now, their now almost inseparable. Case in point, now more and more businessmen are going into politics, where once upon a time, it was mostly lawyers & history majors. For example look at, mutt romney who is trying to capitalize on this trend. And he might be the worst businessman of all, a true capitalist, a real live "Gordon Gekko" a corporate raider (go rent or netflix wall street the movie) if don't believe me, go read up on him, bain capital and their policies. And the companies they took over and destroyed, and especially read where that work is now. And if your a labor union employee, you better read about him, his vp choice and the ground breaking decisions in Wisconsin and their union busting. Not scared yet, still think that after this election, everything will be alrite. Ok well pay attention to another story, about the worst corn drought in 17 yrs which will mean a HIKE in food prices, because beside being a source of food, corn produces ethanol. So what is the end game here? With all this, is it all just to make President Obama a black man look bad, get him out of office. Because they BLAME for everything under the sun already, or is there something more in the works here. Foreclosures at a record high, wall street & other big name corporations laying off workers, banks going under, the Dow Jones slow. And like a said before HEAVY ATTACKS on the labor force in this country. But what's the real story, what's really going on, besides the rich unwilling to pay their fair share to help move the economy along. Soooo what is it we don't, can't see that is and will hurt us in the long run.....WAKE UP people, stop listening to the one sided media and go get this information your self, STOP getting soooooo lost and wrapped up in all this buffonish reality tv shows, like the one tonight on vh1...VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR WALLET DEPENDS ON IT, BECAUSE IT DOES.