Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is this reality???

It seems every like almost every time you turn the tv on there's a reality show on,but what I really wanna know is wants reality and whats scripted?? Like last night I was channeling surfing and came across Tough Love Miami yea yea I know dont judge me you watch too.But Im jus sayin,the reason I ask is because just last week I was at my boys crib flippin thru the lastest King mag and saw one of the woman on this show...Now I know reality tv probably the easiest way to get exposure but come on when is this gonna end,it was cute at 1st now its effected our society you got any1 with any type of a camera damn near breaking their neck to capture sum sought of reality to post on you tube or have it run on 1 of the thousand news magazine shows also on tv. Im almost afraid to be in a crowd or anywhere near sumthing going down now....Imjussayin. Thank you for stopping by my blog site,please feel free to leave feedback,thoughts,comments negative/positive. I do wanna hear it. Peace out and have good day