Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mizell Effect

This effect is about, how someone touched me, and they don't even know they did. Ok let me explain, right after I got on the job, I was last on the list and a man named Mizell was number one, numbero uno, a fact which he was very proud of I might add. Now because I was last, I got alot of ribbing and ball busting over it, but I was a rookie, probie, new jack and I know that your suppose to "pay your dues" before you get anyway....a fact that's completely lost on these new crop of new jacks, but back to the story. One afternoon one of my training guys introduced me to Mizell as "the last one, mister turn off the lights when your finished" Mizell laughed shook my hand and told me, kid it gets better (after 19yrs I'm still looking for that better, that him and the other old timers talked about)  but back to the story. Now from that day forward, I'd run into Mizell and he'd address me as "the last one" and I'd address him as number 1, something he was particularly fond of, but Mizell wasn't number 1 in the system, he was like number 7, and there were five in front of him, an the way it looked they weren't retiring anytime soon, and Mizell was HELL bend too see #0001 before he retired, it was like his obsession, mind you now, Mizell at the time I met him had over thirty years on the job and could go at any minute, but wanted too see #0001 next to his name. Fast forward two years, I moved up a lot, wasn't last anymore and Mizell was now #0004 with just two guys ahead of him, and the number 1 told him that "he'd never see number 1 as long as he was around. But this time Mizell's wife was urging him too retire and move down south, where they were building a house, BUT he wanted to see that #0001. Skip to the next year, finally the two guys in front of him retired. Mizell was now just six  months away, till the new numbers came out sooooo he could finally see #0001. Now at this time Mizell had 34 years on the job, and a very excellent record, and only took maybe four sick days. Finally the day comes and Mizell see #0001 number one, numbero uno, and right after he put his papers in and retired, I saw him briefly before he left. Now there's a reason WHY I tell this particular story...... Mizell retired with over thirty four years of service, moved in to the house that he built down south, great right?  WRONG Mr number 1, Mizell lived maybe eight months after he retired.......Yeah after ALL of that. Now I'm going too show you how, he effected and touched me. Ever since he's passed away, I've said, I WOULDN'T stay a month, day, hour, minute or second longer than I had too, when it's my time to go, be it retirement or whatever else, I'm OUT that door. I don't need to see #0001, the only numbers or zeros, I wanna see on the ones on a pension or social security check......FEEL ME!!!!  Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT in any way shape or form trying to disrespect any old timer, that has done or is doing thirty or more years. Because a few of the ones I know, helped me out when a was a rookie.  I'm just  pointing out, (wkwd)  WHAT Kevin Would Do. I've learned, not everything is for everybody, and I haven't walked a mile in anyone else's shoes......But Imjussayin. I'm GHOST when the time comes no matter the cirumstances.......Peeeeaaccceee and I'm going out quietly, like how I came in. And there'll be NO cake in the break room.......          

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