Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Real" Huh....

**Real*** One of the most misused and overused words out there, right after "love and swagger". Words which most people, don't know how too use, or really aren't what the word truly means. Because if they did know how to use it and in what content, it wouldn't be mis/overused.... Hell people scream it, DAMN near from the top of their lung, on just how "real" they are, just about everyday.  But hey we live in a "it's ALL ABOUT ME" world anyway right? So why does it even matter.  Hell you've heard catch phases such as "I'm sooooo real", "keep it real", "keeping it real" and my personal favorite "real reconizes real"sooooo much....You've even hear it on TV shows, like sportcenter, sitcoms, talk shows and on radio, man haven't we heard enough songs on radio, with some reference on being/keeping it "real"?..... And I'll confess, at times even I get caught up in the hype and say that "I'm real" and that "I keeps it real" difference is, I really don't need to say it because, with me it shines thru, but that's me. Others who alway say it, I can't speak for you, sorry. Now I can speak for a select few.....Like most of the fam, and definitely my cousin Nannette Ms Nicky Ewing aka Realizreal, a few friends too, too many to mention.......But the Question, I really have is WHY oh WHY do people have too scream it, fake it and bring attention to themselves, are they that insecure?  Imjussayin....BIG Shout Out to the fam, the "entourage" and all the "real" peeps I know...Keep it real......Imjussayin        

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