Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Holidaze

Aaaaaahh the holidaze are here. The twelve days of christmas and the twenty five days of hell. That means, no good cheer and ill will toward men. Crowded stores and malls, no parking spots looooonng lines. Don't forget the pick pockets, stick up kids, scams and a partridge in a pear tree. That's right, the holidaze are here. And I call it the"holidaze" because, people are in a freaking daze, during this time of year, and not in a good way. We get and go crazy, the day right after we give Thanks. Yes these aren't the old holidays, we grew up with. Those are long over and done...That good cheer and good will, toward men is either barely breathing or plain dead. Holiday shopping and shoppers, nowadays look more like, WWE wrestling matches, especially at any electronics store, toy r us or any other major retail store you shop in or at. Just check out "black fridays" across the country. Imjussayin, and it's adults, fighting like kids over items. That shit got me, shaking my damn head at this time of the year. What's happen to us as a society, what has gone sooooo wrong, to bring us to this? This is why Santa Clarke is writing this, sooooo don't leave out any cookies and milk, cause I ain't coming out dropping off NO gifts!!! BAH Humbug.  Lmaooo thought that was funny. But seriously, isn't this suppose to be a happy, joyful time of the year? When and where did ALL this commercialism come from? That turns regular folks into straight ______ (you fill in the blank), when it comes to holidaze? And is it just me or do you feel the same way also?  I think Will Smith say it best and I quote "your buying things for people you don't like , trying to impress people who don't like you, with money you don't have".....I think that, kinda sums up the "holidaze".... Well Happy Holidaze to you and your..... Imjussayin       

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  1. I dont spend money I dont have ...I dont buy for people I don't like...and if I KNOW you dont like me??Man can have this yellow snow cone I made you. I enjoy the holidays with my hubby and daughter. I love the magic and spirit -- the christmas songs, thinking of my mom and past xmas's and talking to my family I dont see all the time. Hopefully seeing ones that are still around that I enjoy...all this shopping talk and "preparation" is for the birds. I shopped for my daughter and hubby and a couple of others because I saw things they would appreciate...not for the ones with the "gimmies" and sneezing "whatchu" (as in whatchugettinme4xmas)....I give all year round. My events are charity driven...I dont need a holiday to force me to be "generous" and spread good will. I do that all the time...I used to be happy with new sneakers and some fashion kids asking for MAC books, iPhones and PSP's like its nothing. I wish my mama was alive and I was a kid in this age and fixed my mouth for a iPhone. She'd look at me crooked like "how much it cost? Oh really? Can it pay a bill in this house? Can it cook dinner for you and put food on the table? is it worth more than the clothes on your back? You got good grades so you earned it? HEFFA you are SUPPOSED to get good grades! You better go get a job and you get new drawers this year"! OM to the damn G! LOL