Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It Happened One Night

Here's a different version of a onenight stand....Was going around the old way to see and check up on mom, like I did every thursday afterwork. As I'm lookin for seat on the bus, some one comes over and says hi, so I say hi back, she then begins tells me my name, where I used to live and who I used hang with...At this point I'm now scrambling to figure out who this is, and how the hell does she knows my history?...I tried to play it off, and go along, tryin to catch some kind of hint of who she is or was. So we engaged in conversation, but she gave NO clues, hints or anything that might help me. Then two stops before mine she jumps off the bus, sayin only I'll see u later...DAMN!! she left me scratching my head, with my mind racing, workin overtime to figure out, who the hell this was. Two weeks went pass without seeing her. And then like before, out of thin air she appeared on the bus, asking me did I figure it out? Like she was toying with me for her amusement, which to me wasn't funny at all, but like a poker player, I was all in. I asked every question imageable, like a tv reporter, but got nowhere. Finally she said lets have lunch & talk, I jumped at the chance. But due to our schedules, lunch turned into dinner at my place with her cooking. It was a friday evening, I remember it well, she arrived about 6ish, and went straight to the kitchen to start cooking.  While the food was cooking, she finally opened up and told me, who she was. See back in the day, when we were teenagers sum one we know, played a dirty trick on her and took advantage of her, because she overweight and wasn't fly. And the reason why, she even spoke to me on the bus, was because, as she told me. I once stood up and fought for her. I thought to myself WOW, it is true 1 person can make a difference. Now as we ate, we caught up on each others lives and before we knew it, we were in my bedroom, now you know what went down sooooo there's no need to explain....Now as night turned into morning, and the sun began coming thru my window. I woke up to notice...she was gone, back into thin air just like she came....I looked for a note, a number, sumthing, but she left nuthing and there was no sign or trace of her....Man for a minute, I started to feel like Eddie Murphy's character in Boomerang, as I sat at the edge of the bed, wondering WHAT THA F#@%!!!  Soooooo ladies at times, it's not just YOU. Men go thru "some" of the same things, they just won't admit them in public.....Imjussayin. Because it happened onenight.....             

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  1. I do understand I had my deja vu on the B35 the other day. Didn't know who that female was. She looked at me on her way off the bus and said "U CAN'T FIGURE OUT IF YOU FUCKED ME" man it was over.. lol