Monday, January 2, 2012

Do you know me?

Do you know me... I mean really know me, or just think you do? I know sum think they do. But do you, do you know what makes me tick, what makes me flip out, am I wild, kool or what? Am I a gentleman or an asshole. Am I a good guy playing bad or a bad boy playing good. What's my favorite food, drink or snack. What's my favorite movies, tv shows or type or genre of music even.  Do you know why I "write"what I do and does what I "write", make you look at me any differently? Or do you just brush it off like, he's stupid. Am I crazy or just crazy as a fox. Do you know me? And what do you know about me? So what do you think you know about me? Have you ever had a twenty minute or more, conversation with me?   But before you even, answer any of these questions, about me or anyone else.... Do you first, know about your own self?  Because remember, you must first know thyself (yourself) before you think or claim to know others. And do you know why your all in my business?  Imjussayin.... Now have you ever asked any of these question to yourself? I mean, wake up in the morning or just before you went to bed, and looked at yourself in the mirror. I mean really looked deeply at yourself, and ask similiar questions to yourself, or are you SCARED???  Would the truth scare you? Or do you ever know the truth about yourself? What do you know about yourself? Or are you soooo busy, asking and answering other peoples questions?  Sooooo here's a piece of advice, and it's free, start asking yourself sum questions, and trust me it'll help you in the looooonnngg run, because once you know who YOU ARE, hopefully you wouldn't want to be, in someone else's shoes, situation or business .......Sooooo I ask you again, do you know me? or should I ask,  DO YOU KNOW YOU!!!!??      


  1. No - I dont know you YET --- working on that Brah! Do I know me? Yes but then again I am changing every damn day. Getting more brave in my "young" age. All I know is you're a "kool" and "krazy" dude and I know I like it HA! how's that! No but for real....some of us hide from ourselves. Don't like what's there or are afraid of what really is there and afraid to explore WHY its there. Its easy to coast and some really are blissful in their ignorance.

  2. Ahh brother , self reflection is the greatest gift one can give themselves. A girlfriend of mines told me you had an insightful blog . This is a great post. My grandmother always shared that self preservation is the greatest law of nature-we need to be clear on who we are and what we need . All other things should flow from that center. As you said, it would certainly cut down on the number of us who are looking at other people through emerald colored glasses . Love and Light !