Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Men Ain't Shit"

Men ain't shit, she screamed like no one could hear her BIG ASS mouth and not only did she scream it once, but three fucking times!!! And what made it worst was she was with a man (probably a lame with NO BALLS) but I digress....but there's NO WAY a woman I'm with, even said it once sitting next to me... NOT Having it. With that said, usually I don't even give chickenhead, hoodrat behavior a second thought, but lately. I've been getting a little ticked. But WHY, is it because I'm maturing or maybe because I see the gap or the divide between black men and women..... That's getting wider than the hole in the ozone layer or the grand canyon. Also maybe what I see is the bullshit in these statements, because most of you women bring all this drama, issues and ain't shit men to yourselves. HELL I swear half of y'all couldn't survive without this shit (drama, issues and no good men) in your lives. Like Kat Williams said and I quote "if you keep saying men ain't shit, then YOU ain't shit because you keep choicing no good n!%@s" Now ain't that MUTHAFUCKIN TRUTH!!! Now not all are to blame for their lot in life, sum just followed their mother's blueprint, sum have been molested, soooo that destroys alot in you and if you don't get help or ever address that issue, it can and will manifest later on in your life and may/will destroy a relationship or have you chosing fuck up relationships. Here's one thing I really need sum sistas to explain to me, like I'm a ten year old. What's up with sistas and their girlfriends???  Please I need to understand this one? Because when I was little, I once heard my cousin say to her homegurl at the time, gurl "let no penis come between us"...granted that was well over twenty five years ago, today shhhiiittt that same rule doesn't apply. HELL do y'all even know that rule???  Now wait I'm not getting at all, just enough....because sum of the shit, I've exprienced and seen with my own eyes WHOA!! Soooo I'm asking what's good, I know there's a man shortage, but to shit on your homegurl WOW  But wait it gets better, these be the same chicks that tell you "nah gurl he ain't shit" you know he don't even take care of six kids"...or any other shit they say, straight hating cause they ain't got NO MAN or propects, because you know WHAT, misery loves company....Imjussayin.  Sooooo how can you still make a blanket statement and scream "men ain't shit"check yourself first, before you scream anything anywhere...And what's even MORE FUCKED UP is what dudes I know and roll with are saying bout sum of you sistas....AND I'm giving y'all a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!....Sum of these brothas are seriously looking at the other persuasion and these are stone cold brothas, who DON'T date outside of their race and wouldn't even be thinking this way unless it's really ugly out there between brothas and the sistas. Something is gonna have to give people, and soon because we can't and won't survive as a race, if we don't find sum common ground somewhere....Sooooo you still think "Men Ain't Shit or have YOU even looked at your own SHIT!!!