Sunday, January 29, 2012

Car Shopping

Ok currently in the market for a new car. I'm getting a little tired of not having transportation on a friday, saturday night and it's getting cold. Now it's been a minute since I had one, I returned my last one, it was a good car, great body, but it had high mileage, very dependable though and not much wear and tear, but it was a lease with no option to buy. But it just seems like, most of the cars I've had were just leases, nuthin that a really wanted to own. Wait I can't say that, there was one car I had, OMG I loved that car, very low mileage, still had that new car smell, very dependable, only had 1 owner before me, so it hadn't been broken in yet. Man the minute I got the car, I put lojack on it, wasn't taking NO chances ...NO ONE was stealing my car. But I messed around one night drinking and driving, crashed and totaled it, man at times, I really miss that car. But that's the past and we're not suppose to dwell on the past. So one day I walked into a new car dealship, and what I hate about these places are, the salespeople, are either to pushy, stuck up or just not listening to YOUR needs and the kind of car you really want, they're just trying to get you to buy anything, sooooo they can make their commission.  And also with most of these "new"cars, they already have recalls or get horrible gas mileage, and not very dependable, especially the american cars, their nothing like an older model. Used cars and used car dealers are NO better neither, they always tried to get you to look at and purchase, an SUV or minivan, because they're sooooooo many of them on their lot. Now I know, I'm not a minivan, fanny pack kinda guy, soooooo minivans are OUT, no matter how pushy the sales person is. I'm more of a sports couple/sedan kinda guy, and that's what I'm currently in the market for. But DAMN, I'm having the hardest fucking time in finding the make, model and year that I REALLY WANT..... Imjussayin, I'm a very wise, experienced shopper, whos' had good cars before. I've had american, foreign, imports and an suv. I know how to drive and how to take car of a car. Ok sooooo I've had a one or two accidents,  nuthin major. Hasn't everyone, had at least one accident?  Soooooo WHY OH WHY do I keep leasing these used up cars??? And GODDAMN have you read some of these "carfax" reports, Man it scares you completely from purchasing.  Like for example; some have been rear ended, head on collisions with engine and major body damage, others have major defects or recalls. What the Hell going on here, that I can't find the car I WANT. And those online car sites, ain't no help at all, they post pretty pictures on their site, but when you go to see it and hopefully test drive it, it's never like the the picture you saw and the carfax never matching the car in front of you. Got me shaking my damn head, sooooo what's a car shopper to do???  Go another winter without a car?....Or pick up just anything, too get me thru the winter, till I find the car of my dreams or one dependable enough that I'd want to buy..........         

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