Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black History 101

It's February, Black History Month. So this blog is called Black History 101, because half of us out here, don't know any to much Black History, except what you were taught in school. You don't know beyond  Dr.Martin Luther King, George Washington Carver and the peanut. You probably don't know about ALL the stuff and contributions thats Blacks have made in, to and for this country and the world. And we don't even know some of the other inventions that Blacks have created or upgraded and weren't given proper credit because someone else took ALL the credit. Now I'll give some of you, out there some credit, you do know about Macolm X, Jackie Robinson, but do you know about Madam C.J. Walker(the first Black female millionaire who created the straightening comb and other hair products) Langston Hughes(famous writer during the harlem renaissance)  Benjamin Banneker, Granville T.Woods, Mary McLeod Bethune, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams(who preformed the first open heart surgery) or even Carter G.Woodson who started Negro History Week, that later become what we now know as Black History Month? Have you even heard of Adam Clayton Powell Jr who served harlem and pass more laws and bills than any other politician in history or of Thurgood Marshall, who before he sat on the Supreme Court, was one of the lawyers responsible for Brown vs The Board of Education. I know we ALL know the story of Jackie Robinson, the first Black to play in the Major Leagues, but do you know of the Negro Leagues? That produced many ballplayers that set records that aren't even counted waaaayy before some of them went to the Major Leagues? Do you know that rock and roll was created by a Black man? that according to Little Richard, who says he created rock & roll. Did you also know that Washington D.C. was designed by a Black Man?  See this was WHY Black History Month was created so we could see all the things Blacks have accomplished....Now I remember when I was a senior in high school and I learned that I was going to college, I saw my Uncle James (may he R.I.P.) he said these words to me, that to this day stick with me, he said "go learn about our story, you've learned their's, now go learn ours, because their never gonna teach it to you so you have too read, research and find out on your own" which is the truest words he or anyone for that matter have ever said to me. And from then on, I've put more attention into learning our history, black history, american history. Soooooo support the arts, like black art expo, black plays, movies, things of that nature because if we don't support it, we won't have!!!!  And before I forget let me add this, where would we/world be without black people? An my homegurl's answer is,"they'd" still be in the dark ages.....Learn your history because if who don't know your past.....will never have a future....Imjussayin  

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