Thursday, March 1, 2012

What do you do????

I ask these questions to those of you who feel under pressure, under stress, underappreciated. What do you do went you're smarter than your bosses. What do you do, when you're tired of being a player, but it's the only game you know? What do you do when you have better plays than the coach and can better reach and teach today's players, what do you do?...Or when you're the coach and can't reach today's players anymore?  What do you do, when your screaming sooooooo loud, that it's deafening, but no one hears and not even God listening?......What do you do when everyone is telling you to settle down, get married have some kids....But how do you settle a restless soul?  and your prospects and standards don't meet nor match.....What do you do when you've been in something sooooo long and now you have to change or start something new from the bottom?  Sooooooo I ask you, what do or would you do? Now there's somethings to ponder, wrestle and think about for a minute. And also ask yourself, do any of these questions apply to YOU? And if they do or they don't ponder this......Before you judge someone else, walk a mile in his shoes and take some days in his/her head..... Imjussayin

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