Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Now when I was a little kid my mom would tuck me in and say"good night sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite"I used to ask what does that mean, BOY do I know now. Yo WTF has happened. I've lived here all my live in different neighborhoods around everybody and never heard or seen anything like this. Now we always saw roaches but bed bugs HELL NO. So this leads me to believe its"them"who have bought these things along with"them"as"they've"moved back into brooklyn(which for sooooo long"they"had shunned because it had become too"urban") So one day I was havin a debate with an inteligent sista, I said its their fault they the ones bringing these things here,she said no its because of what we're importing...ok thats a reasonable argument but COME ON SON we've been importing stuff for years and never had THIS!!! Like my aunt used to said"they NAAAASSTY JUST PLAIN NASTY" ..This has gotta sum people  I know so shook their standing up on buses and trains,and they won't even go to the movies because we've heard few movie theatres as well as a few very popular stores like;victoria secret,abercrombie & fitch and hollister were closed to be you know who shops there right???  So you tell me whos to I say good night sleep tight dont let the...Imjussayin        

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