Monday, November 7, 2011

Ms Understanding

It was one of those nights didn't even wanna go out, just wanted to stay home and chill, catch up on sum things but my boys begged said its been a while so against my better judgement I went. Now at the lounge laughing, joking, chopping it up w each other. I walked to bar to get a drink...and thats when I bumped into her Ms Understanding....I said"excuse me Ms" Im sorry, she smiled, that smile light up the whole room. While standing there in front of her, I glanced down to noticed DAMN she was the right height and weight with 3heels on, jeans fittin just so right Mmmm, before I even knew it we were havin that love & life talk, we got soooo DEEP into it....we forgot we had friends with us. So I asked if her friends wanted to join my dudes, but she said her gurls wanted to leave"typical". So we exchanged numbers and facebook info. We both agreed to get together later on that week and said good night. Before long we were together alot, meetin and hanging with each others friends and family,having our share of private jokes,cute nicknames and secret code words (don't ask) startin thinkin DAMN is this the one? The one who could finally settle me down. Was Ms Understanding the woman to bring stability into my life? DAMN layin next to her had me having visions of jumpin the broom on white sanded beaches....But jus than sumthing snapped, sumthing happened. For some reasons Ms Understanding didn't understand anymore. Texts and phone calls came less and less frequently... was this really happening between Ms Understanding and I?  Then I started hearing that she was hanging hard again with her girlfriends,being seen up in sum young dude face. DAMN say it isnt sooooo, how can my dream turn into a nightmare? Where did I go wrong? Was I too laid back? Or too up under her?  WHY did I have all this questions but no answers? Was SHE really Ms right or  just Ms right now? .......Or was she just another Ms UNDERSTANDING....Im jus sayin...     


  1. I like this alot...I was engaged throughout the entire blog...It's always interesting to know what is in the mind of a brother...Hmmmmmm. Ok MORE PLEASE!

  2. I like this one too Kev....the messed up part of this is that Ms. Understanding probably felt the same things you felt, especially since there was such a connection. She probably got scared and ran, which is what most playa's she seems to be good at the game that's all.