Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Death Of "Da GOOD GUY"

Disclaimer....the following blog was writing by Roy"Real Talk"Clarke, and was approved & encouraged by ME!!! Hope you enjoy it,and as always please feel free to leave comments at the end...Imjussayin
 Hey, how you doing out there? This is Roy" Real Talk"Clarke. I come to you today to talk about the death of a good friend of mine " Da Good Guy" he was real close to me and it is hard to say, but ladies u killed him. Now I know what u are saying, how did we kill him? These days every woman I know is looking for a good guy. Little do they know they're all around them. Women just don't see them. Ladies lets think back to your teens or high school years. You had a guy friend, he didn't dress nice or have alot of swag but he listened. He also cared enuff to bring you soup when u where sick. Now think about your boyfriend at the same time, he was cool, had all the girls on him. He even had good hair. But he never told you "you look nice today" or called you when you were sick. He even cheated on you every chance he got, but you were together for 4 years. Until he went off to college and got a new boo. Now lets jump ahead to your 20's. You got a cool job at the bank,you and your girls go to the club once and a while and your still looking for "Da Good Guy". You have a guy friend who is cool and you know he likes you but you don't think of him in that way. You tell him all the time that the women he gets with isn't shit, cause he does all these nice things for them and they just use him. But when he tells you the same thing you say "NO Ricky really cares about me he is just going thought somethings right now and I have to stand by him". Ricky is a dude you met at the club one night. You got him a drink and took him home to his mothers house. Ricky also has two kids and two baby mama's who can't stand him. But you know what, you love Ricky. While your dating Ricky, your guy friend gets married and moves south with a woman who sees "Da Good Guy" that he is. Ladies does this story sounding familiar. Sorry to have to go hard at you, but they call me"Real Talk"for a reason. Here you are in your 30's ladies, you have started going to church and you have finlly found who you are, but now you can't find "Da Good Guy" anywhere. Once again I must say ladies you killed him!!! He has let "Da Good Guy" in him die and let "Da Bad Guy" be born. So R.I.P to "Da Good Guy" and long live "Da Bad Guy". Part 2 coming soon. I didn't say you would like it. I Just gave you Real Talk....We're (Roy"Real Talk" Clarke & me Kevin"Imjussayin"Clarke)


  1. SMH because I've been there once upon a time IN MY 20'S...I got passed it. But now see it happening with my friends now in their 30's pushing closer to 40...and you can't tell them nothing! Luckily I wised up before it was too late and married my "good guy"....so you know, that disqualifies me from saying shit to my single friends because now that I'm married I "don't understand" what they are going through. HMPH hope there some "good guys" left by the time they grow up...nice commentary "Real Talk"...waiting for the next piece from ImJusSayin :)

  2. Well, okay.....I am single, however, I'm in a serious relationship with a "good guy". I will admit that when I'm out with friends, I find myself flirting with the "other" guy because that's what I was used to being attracted to and though that part has matured, it's not completely dead. I sometimes yearn for more of a challenge, a challenge my "good guy" doesn't give me. In my case however, this yearning doesn't mean I'm not happy nor does it mean I don't realize what I have, it just means I have to work harder to find another way to deal with that yearning. And on the flip side, most "bad boys" are damn good lovers ;) "ooooooooooooh" in Eddie Murphy's voice