Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just like music

Have ever stop to think what would the world be like without music?  Im jus sayin, think about it for minute. Then put down your ipod or mp3 player,turn down your boombox,home stereo or car radio and see what you have?  You would just have the natural sounds and noises around you. Now would you enjoy that or would you go and turn back up your listening device? Hmmm crazy thought huh?    But music is life. And if you ever stop to think about it, there's literally a song out there that describes almost everything,we do or say.  Play this game, next time your listening to music, an sum old songs comes on, try to picture where you were,what u were doing etc? Now did those songs take you back,give you happy memories,sad ones? Put you in good or bad mood? What.did it do for you. It just seems that music always put us in a mood, or in a place whether happy, sad or angry.  Like everytime I hear Patrice Rushen's Forget Me Nots, I immediately think of my 8th grade class and our graduation. Music can be like a good pair of shoes or an old friend,that has always been there with you thru thick & thin. As you see I love music, well most genres of it anyway. Because it hypes me up,calms me down and generally sets a mood for whatever I'm doing or thinking.  At a young age I was able to appreciate most genres of music, because in my house I heard some of them. Like grandma played religious music,my uncle played and loved jazz,my mom and aunt played r & b,a another aunt played calypso and my brother was a as you see music was always a part of my life. And hopefully its been a good part of yours.....So to everyone in the music industry keep making good music and RIP to all those no longer with us, but let their music live on in your hearts,minds and on our ipods,mp3 players,computers and home stereos......Imjussayin just like music    

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  1. I LOVE music!!!! I like the new music, but without oldies, I don't know what I would do. I listen to everything...blues, rock, reggae, soca, r&b, some metal, some jazz, gospel and classical. My least favorite music genre is country althought there are a handful of songs that got me hooked. I love music and NEED it in my life.