Monday, November 28, 2011


...Basketball is back. Yea I'm soooo excited, can't you tell. No really I am *wink wink*. And N.B.A.stands for, I will Not Be Around. Yes that right, I will Not Be Around anymore. Because the ticket price$ are just plain ridiculous nowadays. It's soooo bad, that their actually pricing out the average fan. I'm a knicks fan, and would love to see a game,once in a while, but the ticket price$ at the garden ,OMG are you serious???...And all that $$$ to watch a bunch of overpayed,overhyped and underappreciative athletes, not all of them mind you. But Im jus sayin. This lockout shows,well at least me a few things; 1) sports now is NOTHIN more than a business  (if we didn't know this already) 2) NO ONE cares about the fan anymore NO ONE. 3)David Stern might just be the BIGGEST JERK in sports today,this man has had two lockouts under his watch. And right when his sport was at the height of popularity,who let's that happen???  4)This was ALL ABOUT MONEY. The owners wanting more of it and the players demanding a fair share of that more. Now they say that school is a microcosm of society, it is. But this lockout will go down as a microcosm of todays society. David versus Goliath, management versus union, the 1%  versus the 99%. You name it, and it was in this lockout. Now I'm not blaming or faulting the players for getting their fair share, I'm all for that, especially being in a union. But this lockout made everyone look greedy in a time where, being greedy is not exactly smiled upon. This isn't the 80s anymore and the Gordon Gekko type talk is seriously frowned upon, well unless your the 1% (the same ASSHOLES,who'd rather let the country burn/suffer than pay their fair share WOW)  I actually started getting use too basketball not being around. College basketball just started, the NFL is in full swing, I still messing around with my new hobby .(I'm still not a Writer though lol)  And plus I could cut my cable off or downgrade sum channels till about april, when baseball and my Yankees season starts up again. Imjussayin I just might have to N.B.A this season and n.b.a. basketball period.....         

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